How to Write a Movie in 8 Weeks! (FREE)
How to Write a Movie in 8 Weeks! (FREE)
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How to Write a Movie in 8 Weeks! (FREE)

This class breaks down Conor Kyle’s process for writing a screenplay in eight weeks. It all starts with your logline. Bring up to 3 loglines or brand new movie ideas! Conor is requesting that students use newer, fresher ideas, and stay away from the magnum opuses you’ve been working on or thinking about for years.

The intention behind the bootcamp is not for you to write a perfect script, but instead to teach you the organization skills, discipline, and craft techniques that will set you on the path to becoming a professional screenwriter.

The 8-week bootcamp meets weekly on Sundays. Conor takes you from a blank page to the first draft of a complete feature screenplay, walking you through the entire process of conceiving, outlining, and writing a 90-120 page script. You can view Conor’s previous class videos on TwitterYouTube and Twitch

This intensive eight-week live Feature Bootcamp meets weekly on Sundays.  You’ll go from a blank page to the first draft of a complete feature screenplay, attending a three-hour class session each week, in which we’ll walk through the entire process of conceiving, outlining, and writing a 80-120 page script. Conor will make plenty of time to take questions from students, as well as to review your work and offer feedback. This is an intensive crash-course for all skill levels, intended to keep students motivated and on track as they make their story come to life. Bring your loglines and movie ideas!

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The 8-Week Script Bootcamp course schedule:

Week 1: Why this story?
Now that you’ve narrowed down your high-concept idea, we will ask the simple questions: why this story? Why now? What is both timely and universal in your idea? We will begin to chisel away at the central dramatic question of your script, and design a plan to explore this theme from all angles. You’ll refine and polish your story’s premise, and begin the process of outlining.


Week 2: Outlining I – Broad Strokes 

Now that you’ve selected your feature idea, we’ll look at the key building blocks of your story. Chiefly: how to structure and place key scenes, and begin to establish connective tissue between them.


Week 3: Outlining II – Scene Cards 
Time to organize your ideas into a much more detailed outline. These “scene cards” will each feature a key moment of your story, and you’ll organize your brainstormed sketches into a cohesive, page-by-page plan for your upcoming feature.


Week 4: Beginnings
It’s time to get going on your feature! This class will feature a both a FAQ / troubleshooting session (where we address and fill holes in your outlines before you begin) and a lecture on first acts: everything from opening image to the act break. From this class on, you’ll have to write a few pages a day to keep up with the benchmarks and get optimal feedback on your script.


Week 5: Transitions 
You’ve finished the first 20-30 pages of your script, so this class focuses on your first act break. How do we diagnose whether we’ve done everything we need to do in act one? We’ll heavily emphasize a propulsive boost into the “fun and games” of your script’s second act, balancing B-stories, and more.


Week 6: Act 2 A
This class follows us into the deep dark woods of your script: the second act. We’ll go over the creation of sequences and setpieces, and review how to find the fun in your premise and mine its full potential.


Week 7: Act 2 B 
Many newer writers begin to falter or repeat themselves in this section of a script, so we’ll focus on keeping up the energy and narrative push, as well as beginning to answer questions and pay off setups from earlier in the script. Danger and tension must ramp up significantly in this section, and we’ll make sure our scripts are doing just that.


Week 8: Act 3
In our eighth and final week, we will work through the difficult final act of your script. How do we conclude subplots? How can we leave the reader feeling satisfied with the ideal “unexpected yet inevitable” conclusion?

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October 16, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Script Camp Discord
Organizer: Conor Kyle
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