Horror + Thriller Bootcamp
Horror + Thriller Bootcamp
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Horror + Thriller Bootcamp

Join pro screenwriter Conor Kyle for a four-week intensive crash course on how to write his favorite genres: horror and thrillers! We will dive into plot archetypes, worldbuilding, monster design and thriller premises. Bring your horror or thriller ideas and loglines! We will workshop your concepts during the bootcamp, as you develop your own scare sequences, suspenseful scenes and mind-blowing twists.

By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have a detailed outline, and you’ll be ready to begin writing your horror/thriller feature screenplay or TV pilot.

About the Instructor:
Conor Kyle has written for Shudder’s Creepshow (2019) and placed twice in the Nicholl Fellowship with his scripts “Peter and the Wolves” (quarterfinals, also Launchpad top 10) and The Tube (semifinals). His screenplays have also been featured on special sections of the annual Hit List, Young & Hungry List, Spec Book, and on Tracking Board’s “Best Writers of the Year” booklet. He writes everything from stage musicals to Westerns to horror movies. Follow Conor on TwitterYouTube and Twitch

How to join the Free Week 1 Class:

How to join the 4-week Bootcamp course:

  • You can either purchase the full course “a la carte”: https://scriptcamp.net/classes/
  • Or start your free trial Unlimited Script Camp membership with access to over 70 hours of live classes, workshops and bootcamps every month, including the weekly Writers Lab and table reads of your complete feature or TV pilot: https://scriptcamp.net/membership/

Complete Bootcamp Schedule
Week 1: Concept – Monsters & Villains (May 21)
Week 2: Plot Archetypes & Twists (May 28)
Week 3: Writing Scare Sequences & Suspenseful Scenes (June 4)
Week 4: Genre Expectations & Tone (June 11)

Event details
May 21, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Organizer: Conor Kyle
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