Logline Workshop (FREE)
Logline Workshop (FREE)
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Logline Workshop (FREE)

Welcome to Logline Workshop! This is a weekly workshop designed to help you refine your feature film logline or TV pilot logline.

This event is completely free and open to everyone. Space is limited, so be sure to hit the RSVP button. Then join us in the Workshop channel on discord ( https://discord.gg/kQfrX3R7Zy )

If you’d like to workshop your logline please post it in the #ideas-and-loglines channel on the Script Camp Discord ( https://discord.gg/E2sDHGfwG8 ) along with your title, genre and comps, and we will review them in the order received.

Here’s an example logline template from Conor:

It’s difficult to perfect a logline by yourself. Usually this requires some help and feedback from fellow writers.


Q: I have no idea how to create a logline. Is it okay if I just join to listen and learn?
A: Absolutely! This workshop is entirely free and everyone is welcome to join.

Q: What’s the purpose of a logline?
A: The logline is not only a way to get others interested in reading your script, but it’s also an important step in the outlining and writing process. Usually it requires a little help from others to workshop a rough idea into a strong logline that seems like it can sustain a feature length story. And then it serves as your North star while developing the idea, constructing your outline, and writing the first draft

Q: My writing is ____ genre, is that okay?
A: Yes! Bring your logline for a feature film or TV Pilot (note that TV pilots require a series logline and pilot logline). Any genre is OK.

Q: I’m worried that my logline sucks, should I still bring it?
A: This is a process. Nobody will be perfect. We’re here to support you, which means pointing out the parts that are awesome and providing honest feedback for improvement.

Event details
October 15, 2021
8:00 am - 9:00 am
Script Camp Discord
Organizer: Nacho
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