Pitch Workshop (FREE)
Pitch Workshop (FREE)
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Pitch Workshop (FREE)

Join Conor for an interactive feature pitch workshop! Bring your loglines and movie ideas of any genre! No documents are required, but if you are going to pitch be sure to have the following ready:

1. Title
2. Genre (comps or clarification of tone if needed)
3. Logline (feature film)
4. About 1 minute verbal pitch of your story. You won’t have time to describe every single scene, just the key moments that convey why this specific journey will be so fun and interesting.

Each pitcher should expect to answer several follow-up clarifying questions, and receive feedback and advice on both their story and their presentation technique. Remember the purpose of this workshop is simply to help you become more skilled at pitching.

How to enroll in the Pitch Workshop class:
• This class is free for everyone!
• Space is limited so be sure to hit the RSVP button.
• Then join us on the Script Camp discord server: https://discord.gg/mUtQKbtsgb

About the Instructor:
Conor Kyle has written for Shudder’s Creepshow (2019) and placed twice in the Nicholl Fellowship with his scripts “Peter and the Wolves” (quarterfinals, also Launchpad top 10) and The Tube (semifinals). His screenplays have also been featured on special sections of the annual Hit List, Young & Hungry List, Spec Book, and on Tracking Board’s “Best Writers of the Year” booklet. He writes everything from stage musicals to Westerns to horror movies, and has taught screenwriting in Summer camps and online courses since 2018.

If you don’t have discord, you can download it here: https://discord.com/download

Event details
October 8, 2021
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Script Camp Discord
Organizer: Conor Kyle
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