Table Reads (Features, TV Pilots & 5-page Shorts)
Table Reads (Features, TV Pilots & 5-page Shorts)
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Table Reads (Features, TV Pilots & 5-page Shorts)

Need some feedback on your script? Join us for Table Reads! Sign up to submit your complete Feature Film screenplay, TV Pilot, or 5-page excerpt / short!

The deadline to submit your script is Friday at midnight!

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you want to read a part or just listen in!

How to attend?
⦁ This event is free and everyone is welcome, whether you want to read a part or just listen in.
⦁ Space is limited, so be sure to hit the RSVP button
⦁ Then join us on Discord at

How to Submit Your Script:
⦁ If you have not already done so, be sure to join us on Discord:
⦁ Everyone can submit any short screenplay/excerpt (up to 5 pages) to the table reads, using this google form. Please include your Discord username.
5 Page Table Reads Submission Form
⦁ If you would like to host a table read of your complete Feature (up to 125 pages) or TV Pilot (up to 80 pages), you must spend 100 ScriptCoins (you earn these by participating in table reads or providing helpful feedback to other members). Then complete this google form. Please include your Discord username. Feature/TV Pilot Submission Form:

Please submit your script by midnight on Friday! Keep in mind, your script must be in standard screenplay format.


Q: I don’t have a script ready yet. Is it okay if I just join to listen and learn?
A: Absolutely! This workshop is entirely free and everyone is welcome to join.

Q: My writing is ____ genre, is that okay?
A: Yes! Any genre is OK.

Q: I’m worried that my script sucks, should I still bring it?
A: This is a process. Nobody’s script will be perfect. We’re here to support you, which means pointing out the parts that are awesome and providing honest feedback for improvement.

Q: My script is not in standard screenwriting format.
A: Please re-type your using screenwriting software before uploading it to the google form. If it is not in standard screenplay format, it’s difficult for readers to provide helpful feedback on the pacing and many other aspects of your script. Here’s a list of some free screenwriting software options you can use:

Writer Duet free trial version (no watermark, max 3 scripts)
Writer Solo (separate software made by Writer Duet, free, no watermark, unlimited scripts)
Fade In Free version (small watermark, unlimited scripts)
Kit Scenarist (no watermark, unlimited scripts)
Highland 2 free version (watermark / mac only, unlimited scripts)
Drama Queen (unlimited scripts)
Trelby (no watermark, unlimited scripts)
Arc Studio Pro (no watermark, max 2 scripts)
Scripto (no watermark, unlimited scripts, max 3 collaborators)
Final Draft (60 days free trial)
Prewrite (no watermark, max 1 script)

Event details
November 6, 2022
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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