The Screenwriter’s Sketchbook (FREE)
The Screenwriter’s Sketchbook (FREE)
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The Screenwriter’s Sketchbook (FREE)

This is a two-hour live, intensive workshop designed to help you designed to help you develop your project sketchbook, which is an important part of Conor Kyle’s practical story development process for screenwriting.

What’s the Screenwriter’s Sketchbook?

  • A place to collect your notes, sketches and ideas as you develop your story
  • Brainstorm ideas for fun scenes you might imagine in the trailer
  • Brainstorm possible endings
  • Character sketches and dialogue
  • Photos, drawings, anything that inspires your writing

Now that you’ve narrowed down your high-concept feature film or episodic series idea into a logline, we will ask the simple questions: why this story? Why now? What is both timely and universal in your idea? We will begin to chisel away at the central dramatic question of your script, and design a plan to explore this theme from all angles. You’ll refine and polish your story’s premise and themes, brainstorm possible endings and lots of fun scenes you might imagine in a movie trailer, and begin the process of outlining.

This event is completely free and open to everyone. Space is limited, so be sure to hit the RSVP button. Then join us in the Workshop channel on discord ( )

If you’d like feedback on your own project sketchbook, please post it in the #outlines channel on the Script Camp Discord ( ) along with your title, genre and comps, and we will review them in the order received.

Event details
November 21, 2021
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Script Camp Discord
Organizer: Nacho
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