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Welcome to Script Camp UNLIMITED (YEARLY)!

Save 40% off the regular $29 monthly price with an Annual Membership ($19/month or $228/year) Welcome to Script Camp UNLIMITED! Membership benefits include:
  • unlimited access to nearly 100 hours of live classes and labs every month
  • all the various Screenwriting Bootcamps designed to help you write a screenplay in 6-8 weeks or novel in 12 weeks
  • all the Bootcamps on our various sister communities for filmmaking, coding, developing apps, writing novels, learning languages, video editing, digital illustration, graphic design, game design and much more!
  • weekly Writers Lab (intensive script development sessions where Conor and other pro writers help you work through any problems with your project)
  • weekly Advanced Lab (requires a writing sample to participate) - once you have a firm handle on screenwriting fundamentals, join the Advanced Lab for help to complete a new feature, TV Pilot or rewrite project every 2 months!
  • Script Camp Video Library - collection of all Conor's previous classes, bootcamps and labs
  • access to 24-hour logline coaching from Conor in the exclusive members only #loglines-with-conor Discord channel
  • 100 ScriptCoins to start + 50 ScriptCoins each month - you can trade these coins for ScriptCamp merchandise, host table reads of your complete feature or pilot scripts, or trade them in for various Discord perks and Discord Nitro
Your Unlimited Membership begins today. You can immediately get a discount of $100 off 1-on-1 script consultations with Conor (you pay only $49 instead of $149). This is a thorough analysis of your screenplay or outline where Conor marks up the entire document and then meets with you for a 30 minute coaching session. Learn more here: If you haven't already done so, please drop by our discord server, get caught up on the latest coursework and get some help with your screenwriting projects: Here's where you can install the discord app on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone: It's going to be easier to post your loglines, scripts and class assignments with Discord on your computer rather than using a phone. The Discord is similar to Zoom, but it has many permanent text channels where we can post our work for feedback. The Script Camp Discord server is open 24/7 with multiple events, workshops and classes almost every day of the week. Be sure to let us know your Discord username, so we can promote you to access the exclusive member channels.

Upcoming Class Schedule:

You have homework! Conor recommends every student to read at least one recent pro spec feature screenplay each week from the Black List (here's a link: ) or one recent TV pilot if you're taking the TV Pilot bootcamp ( ). Also, as a personal thank you for joining, please let Nacho know your t-shirt size and mailing address if you'd like to receive a free Script Camp t-shirt.

The more we know about our class members, the better instruction I can deliver. If you’re looking for specific tips or advice — or want to suggest improvements to the way we do things — please feel free to reach out anytime in our Discord group or by email.

The price for membership is $228.00 per Year.

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