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Membership benefits include:
  • unlimited access to over 100 hours of live classes every month
  • all the various Creative Writing Bootcamps designed to help you write a screenplay in 6-8 weeks or novel in 90 days
  • Filmmaking Bootcamps, Coding Bootcamps, Digital Art Bootcamps, Video Editing Bootcamps and more in our sister communities!
  • weekly Writers Lab (intensive script development sessions where Conor and other pro writers help you work through any problems with your project)
  • weekly Advanced Lab (requires a writing sample to participate) - once you have a firm handle on screenwriting fundamentals, join the Advanced Lab for help to complete a new feature, TV Pilot or rewrite project every 2 months!
  • Script Camp Video Library - collection of our previous classes, bootcamps and labs
  • access to 24-hour logline coaching from Conor in the exclusive members only #loglines-with-conor Discord channel
  • 100 ScriptCoins each month - you can trade these coins for ScriptCamp and SkillCamp merchandise, host table reads of your complete feature or pilot scripts, or trade them in for various Discord perks and Discord Nitro

The price for membership is $29.00 per Month.

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