Frequently Asked Questions


What's the turnaround time on your coverage?

Within 2-3 weeks.

What's the difference between Script Coverage and Consultation?

Script Consultation includes a complete markup of your screenplay, plus a 30 minute voice chat consultation and career coaching session with professional screenwriter Conor Kyle.

Is there a page count limit for script coverage?

Yes, above 120 pages there is an additional fee of $5/page, with a hard cap at 140 pages.

What are the benefits of monthly script coaching membership?

Not only do you get access to unlimited classes and unlimited bootcamps, you also get regular logline reviews, synopsis reviews and pages reviews. Conor will also read one of your complete scripts every month and provide coverage along with a monthly script coaching / career coaching session

Do you offer coverage on books/graphic novels?

Not at this time.

The form isn't working when I try to send my script in

Sorry for the inconvenience. First, we recommend trying the upload form in a couple different browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) If this doesn't work, please attach your script and email to

Can I speak to someone on the phone about my project?

You can sign up for Script Consultation service, which includes 30 min voice chat, or Coaching membership, which includes a monthly voice chat coaching session.

Can you help me sell my script or get an agent?

Conor can't get you repped or sold, only you can. Conor provides career coaching advice, but he does not introduce screenplays or screenwriters to the industry for a fee.

Are my scripts and ideas safe?

Yes, your script remains 100% confidential.

I need a service that's not listed. Can you help?

It's possible. Please send an email to describing the service you require.

Do I have to live in Los Angeles to work with you?

No, Conor works with students and coaching clients from all over the world.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, script and career coaching sessions are confidential. They are designed for you to be able to talk freely and express your concerns and career goals.

When I try to send my script the form says the file size is too big or wrong file type.

Scripts submitted for coverage must be in pdf format and maximum 10 MB file size.

Can you buy or option one of my scripts?

No, sorry! I cannot buy anything from you, nor guarantee that the work you do in this course (or after my coverage) will get you repped, sold, or any other result. This course is intended to put you on the long road to becoming a writer, not to sell something.


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