Unlike many anonymous coverage services out there, this is a thorough analysis of your screenplay with hands-on advice from professional screenwriter Conor Kyle.


  • 3 - 4 pages critique
  • Suggested logline
  • How to fix your script





($49 for Unlimited Members)


  • Comprehensive review of your project
  • Markup of your pages by Conor
  • Suggested logline
  • How to fix your script or outline
  • 30 min. voice consultation
  • Career advice
($49 for Unlimited Members)

Script Proofread

  • Fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Complete markup of your pages
  • Ensure your text is clear and dialogue sounds natural
  • Specific focus on feature screenplays and TV pilots
  • Identify screenwriting format problems and steps to correct 

This was a really awesome and educational seminar. Thank you!

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"Learned more from you in the past few weeks than years of screenwriting classes in college."


" thank you guys again for the feedback. I really appreciated it"


"thank you both so much for this talk, this is really helpful stuff!"


"this has been so fun! thank you so much for doing this!!"


"This was great. A perfect way to spend a Sunday evening. Thank you so much"


"This was awesome, so informative, looking forward to keeping up with your guyzes work!!"


"Conor has more credibility and insider experience than most of the people out there teaching screenwriting"

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"Thanks for the class guys. I've learned so much in the past 3 hours, fucking awesome stuff! Happy writing y'all."


"thank you sm conor!!! this was great!"


"Can't wait until the next class!"


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To enter, submit the title and logline of a new script you want to write (or an existing script you want to re-write) by midnight PST on May 31, 2022. Winner announced June 15. Winner receives 1 free month of Unlimited Membership, with access to all classes and bootcamps including the Feature Bootcamp, TV Pilot Bootcamp, Video Library, Writers Lab and Rewrite Bootcamp.

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